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Don’t Catfish Your Prospects

Have you ever been “catfished”?

If you’ve used dating apps, it’s a common term:

It’s someone who poses as someone they are not.

And you don’t find out until later.

This could mean their looks, personality, intent, and so on.

So when they actually meet, it’s a SURPRISE😱

This leads to the deceived person feeling frustrated.

This happens in sales too.

And has happened to me recently.

I got sent a DM from a new connection request.

They were friendly and did not spam.

They asked for a quick call.

I clarified for intent.

They said they like to do that with new connections.

I agreed and we booked a call a few weeks out.

On the call, they immediately went into discovery questions.

I gave them the benefit of the doubt.

As we went deeper, it became clear they were trying to convert it into a sales call.

I cut them off and called them out.

Their claimed intent was different than their actions.

They DENIED it and tried to spin it that it was to help me.

I ended the call.

I felt disgusted by them.

And annoyed as they wasted my time and theirs

Nobody wins in this situation.

Moral of the story is this:

Don’t catfish your prospects.

Be clear with your intent on the call.

You’ll feel better and you’ll close more.


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