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Don’t Make These Mistakes As a New Sales Manager

One of the hardest transitions is to go from sales rep to sales manager.

The skills that made you successful as a rep are NOT the same ones you need to be a successful leader.

As a new manager, it’s incredibly easy to become reactive as you get pulled in different directions by everyone.

And when you lose focus on what you’re doing each day, your results can quickly start to suffer.

I’ve found there are 4 core areas that a manager needs to spend 80% of their time doing that will take care of their overall results.

It’s a simple acronym of R.E.P.S.

✅Recruiting/Employee Engagement: Always be recruiting for top talent. BUT also making sure your current team is 100% engaged. DON’T. LOSE. TALENT.

✅Executive Coaching/Training: Remove obstacles and provide constant coaching/training. This includes 1:1’s, field rides, etc. Make your team BETTER.

✅Prospecting Activities: Leading and managing prospecting activities is absolutely vital for future new business. Ex: leading phone sessions with COACHING on the spot with reps.

✅Scalable Processes: You need to have scalable processes that you are managing from reporting, hiring, new customer onboarding, etc.

At the end of the day, LEAD your people, MANAGE processes, and the numbers will take care of themselves.

Do you agree?



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