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Ego is the Enemy

“Uhh..um..uh..”-I started stuttering.

“Take me off your list!”-Prospect on the phone.

I could feel my anxiety kick in as my hand trembled holding the receiver.

The prospect hung up.

My peers started laughing.

My face turned bright red.

I was about 5 months into my first year of B2B sales.

I struggled the first two months.

Month 3 and 4 though, I was #1.

I was getting better on the phones and I was CONFIDENT.

In fact, TOO confident.

I started skipping basic sales fundamentals.

And then the prospect on the phone simply threw me an objection that I had never heard before.

He just said “I’m good.”

That’s it.

My brain froze and my 6-year old speech impediment erupted to the surface.

I got shut down hard.

Frankly, I deserved it.

And I needed it.

I was getting too big for my britches.

And I started acting the part – treating others like I was better than them.

I wasn’t.

And even if I was, there is no room for arrogance in sales.

That was just poor judgment and leadership.

I learned though…

EGO is the enemy.

And never lose sight of the fundamentals.

Blocking and tackling is still blocking and tackling.

Do you agree?

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