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Everything You Want Lays Outside Your Comfort Zone

“I called them last week-they shut me down..”-My Rep😩

“Who did you reach out to?”-Me

“The VP of Ops”-Rep

“Who’s the CEO?”-Me


“Yup, CEO-it’s a single site biz. He’s probably there”

He looks horrified😱

I google the biz and find the name.

“Here is is. Ready to call?”-Me.

His hand start shaking.

“I don’t feel comfortable calling..”-Rep

In all fairness, he was new-ish.

“Ok, let me call”-Me

I dial.

The CEO answers.

I talk with him for 3 minutes and take a note down.

My rep looks at me inquisitively.

“Hold on”-Me

I dial the main number and ask for the VP of Ops.

He answers.

I use the Bridge script.

I book it in <2 minutes.

My rep falls out of his chair.

“You were right-the DM is the VP of Ops!”-Me

He beams.

“However, the CEO is the highest in the biz there. He said no one has ever cold called him before and the VP of Ops never takes meetings. He was impressed that we did and he teed it up for us”-Me

Fast forward, my rep went and closed that deal.

Took them from a competitor they used for 15+ years.

Made $10K+ off that account.

If you do what others are unwilling to do, you’ll achieve what others won’t.

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