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First Dates and Sales

Your first time meeting with a prospect is exactly like a first date.

If you start off a date just pitching about how awesome you are..(aka all your benefits)

All the best characteristics about yourself..(aka all your features)

All the past people you’ve dated..(aka name-dropping clients non-stop)

What all the past people have said about how awesome you are…(aka showing off of testimonials)

Essentially, spending 80%+ of the time pitching about your own greatness…

What do you think your chances are of getting a second date?

Obviously slim.

And from a sales call perspective, they’ll probably just ghost you.

However, flip it instead..

Spend 80% of the time asking great questions.

Actively listening.

Asking follow up questions.

Being genuinely interested in connecting.

Now your chances of a 2nd date go up and who knows – maybe marriage sometime in the future too! 💍

And that sales call?

Now your chances of closing go up as well too!

Do you agree?

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