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Focus is a Superpower

Your ability to focus determines your results.

Whether you are making cold calls..

Or sending cold emails.

If you cannot focus, your results will suffer.

This applies to anything you want to get results from:

Sales calls, meetings, reports, projects, relationships, etc.

The more PRESENT you are, the better you can focus.

Let’s say you want to improve your call sessions.

Here are a few tips to help you zone in your focus:

1. Turn off all notifications on your phone.

2. Turn off all email pop-up notifications.

3. Clear your desk of all clutter.

4. Close all tabs/applications you are not using for calls.

(This includes social media and Slack)

5. Set a clear start and stop time for your session.

6. Break the sessions with breaks. Ex: 30 minutes dialing, 5 minute break. (Use a timer to keep focused)

7. Acknowledge wins from the dialing sessions.

8. Eat and hydrate before your session starts.

9. Do NOT multi-task. Only call and update notes.

You’ll see your results skyrocket due to your hyper focus.

Focus becomes a superpower.

Do you agree?

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