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Followers Don’t Matter – Impact Does

I hit 10K in followers last week on LinkedIn🤯

To some, that’s a goal.

I’ve gotten questions in the DM on how I’ve done it..

Although, I’m super grateful, it’s never been a goal.

My goal on LinkedIn has been about making an impact👊

About helping B2B salespeople sell more.

Not about followers.

I got serious about LinkedIn about 6 months and started with about 3500 in followers.

Since then, here’s what I did:

✅Posted every single week day at minimum.

✅Wrote over 200,000 characters

✅Posted 40+ videos

✅Sent a video DM to every single connection request in sales

✅Engaged with every single comment on each post

✅Engaged with other’s content daily


It definitely takes work and there are no shortcuts.

So don’t chase followers.

Chase making an impact.

The followers come when you make an impact.

Do you agree?

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