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FOMO as a Sales Tool

FOMO is a powerful psychological tool for sales.

“Fear of Missing Out”

If you do it the right way, it can be non-sleazy and effective..

Here’s what I mean: picture yourself getting work done..

Your cell rings and it’s an unknown number.

You look at it and decide to ignore it.

Probably a salesperson 🤣

(Insert disgusted groan – you know what I mean😃)

A minute goes by.

The same number calls back again!

What’s going through your mind now?

Most people are now thinking..

“Hmm..who is this? Is it important? Someone I know?” Etc.

Most then try to mentally map that area code..

Trying to figure out who’s calling before they hang up.

After a few seconds, they’ll just answer if they’re able to..

Because they are curious and FOMO is kicking in.

You can do the same thing with your cold calling.

Call once.

If it goes to voicemail, hang up and wait 30 seconds.

Then call again.

Your chances of them answering has now gone up.

It’s not a guarantee every time..

But I guarantee if you do this every time..

You’ll get more connects and more appointments!

Tag a rep that’ll commit to doing this!

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