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Giving Up the Good for the GREAT

I was scared to make the change.

By most standards, I had achieved an ok level of success.

I had been promoted 6X in 5 years.

Built 3 different start up operations to multiple 7-figures.

Making a great income.

Was leading a great team I had built.

Had established a solid reputation with all the execs in a $20B company.

Had bought my first house.

Got married to the woman of my dreams.

Got my MBA at night.

And fortunately did that by 26šŸ™

It was a good life.

Now I was looking to change companies..

I’d have ZERO reputation.

Zero results to begin with.

Be taking a step back in compensation at first.

AND a step back in responsibilities.

Logically it did not seem like the right move.

My parents urged me to not make the change.

I decided to do it anyways.

I was scared but I saw the potential for personal and financial growth for my family and I.

Fast forward..

I stayed with the new company for close to 9 years.

My skills skyrocketed.

Got promoted multiple times.

Made more money than I believed was possible.

Was able to influence and develop others on a new level.

Allowed me the opportunity to start my own biz.

All due to making that change.

Moral of the story?

Sometimes you gotta give up the GOOD for the GREAT.

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