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Having a P.O.O.R. Mindset Keeps You POOR

If you’re consistently struggling in sales..

Chances are high that you have a POOR mindset.

But to be clear, this is what a P.O.O.R. mindset is:

Passing. Over. Opportunities. Repeatedly.

This ties to everything in sales:

Not prospecting enough to create more opportunities.

Not prospecting EFFECTIVELY to create more opportunities.

Not asking the tough questions.

Not asking for the business enough.

Not taking the action required for success.

Not seeking out help.

Not reviewing your calls to see how to improve.

Not asking for feedback from your manager.

Not investing in your own growth.


As a result, you have LESS opportunities for sales success.

So stop being P.O.O.R. and start thinking R.I.C.H.

Realizing. I. Create. Happiness.

Do you agree?

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