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Having Goals is NOT Enough

In #sales, it seems that EVERYONE has goals from sales goals, income goals, results goals, to goals of a new car/house/boat/purse/watch/etc…

BUT only a small percentage actually achieve them consistently 🤦

People with goals typically fall into 3 buckets:

1) Never seems to hit them or get close to them. Often found smoking the “HOPE-ium”

2) Achieves them sometimes and is sporadic. Often a “feast or famine” mindset.

3) CONSISTENTLY achieves and exceeds goals. Dubbed to have the “Midas Touch”

The BIGGEST differentiator is the 3rd one doesn’t just have GOALS..

They have..SYSTEMS.

A system for…


Lead generation

Running sales calls

Onboarding a new customer


A goal without a plan is simply a WISH.

A plan without a SYSTEM becomes only an event.

When you have GOALS and a SYSTEM, you become UNSTOPPABLE.

Do you agree?

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