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High Income Skills vs. Low Income Skills

We all have the SAME amount of TIME but..

Some earn drastically MORE than others in the same amount of time.

The reason is simple:

Some people have developed HIGH INCOME SKILLS.

And some simply only have LOW INCOME SKILLS.

The cool part is that you can always UPSKILL.

For ex: I grew up poor but I focused heavily on skill development.

Yes, I’ve literally focused on developing specific skills that would give me financial freedom.

For example:

1. Communication: written, spoken, non verbal

2. Influence: inward, below, lateral, and above

3. Self management and leadership

4. External management and leadership

5. Persuasion and selling

6. Focus

7. Prospecting and hunting

8. Executive acumen

9. Rejection Recovery Time – how fast I’d bounce back from rejection

So if your income is not where you want to be..

I recommend rating yourself on a scale of 1-10 for each skill.

Then find a way to develop these as fast as possible.

The faster you do it, the faster you EARN more.

The slower you do it, the more it’ll COST you in lost income.

These skills also do not just happen without intention.

You must go seek the growth.

What would you add to the list?

P.S. Free resources in the comments to help you skill up 👇🏽

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