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How Bad Do You Want To Be Successful?

I was the worst rep when I started.

Everyone else had success while I stayed at 0.

I had coffee with a mentor around this time..

I blamed the economy, my boss, etc.

He looked me in the eye and asked:

“Are you doing everything you can to be successful?”

I nodded.

He looked skeptical.

“Imagine exactly one year from now..

If you knew that if you FAILED in the role and..

That would lead to your family DISAPPEARING FOREVER..

What would you do DIFFERENTLY this year?”

“Uh..I’m not sure as I’m trying pretty hard”-Me

He looked at me intensely.

“Then you do NOT want it bad ENOUGH”-Him

His dramatic message felt like a punch in the face.

But it did the job.

I realized at that moment I lacked zero ownership.

And I was NOT doing everything possible.

I left that meeting and made a commitment to myself.

To do whatever it took to be successful.

I read more books.

Invested into upskilling.

Tried harder.

Failed faster.

I did whatever it ethically took to be successful.

I went from the worst rep..to number 1.

9 months in a row earning 2 promotions too.

So the next time you’re not happy with your results..

Ask yourself: How bad do you want it?

And what are you willing to do to get there?

Do you agree?

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