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How I Graduated College With Zero Debt and Zero Help From Others

I was fortunate to graduate college with zero debt.

And with ZERO help from my parents to pay for it.

Here’s how:

I worked at a retail store selling speedos during the week

On weekends, I worked 25+ hours selling at swim meets.

I’d wake up at 3 AM and drive 1-2 hours to a local town.

Then I set up racks selling speedos and gear for 10+ hours.

Then I’d repeat on Sunday.

During the summer, I worked 3 jobs averaging 80+ hour weeks.

When I graduated college, I had zero debt..

And I had a starting building an investment portfolio too.

I shared this story with a group recently.

And I got a lot of notes later along the lines of:

“WOW, that sounds SO HARD!”

They’re right.

It was super hard.

But you know what’s even harder?


(And that doesn’t include the opportunity cost of what you could have used that money for in terms of investing)

So it WAS HARD at the time to work those hours..

But it was a short-term loss for a long-term gain.

So every time you are faced with a choice on..

Doing something “hard” for anything..

Ask yourself:

“If I don’t do this now, what are the consequences in the future?”


“What’s going to be harder? Doing this today or the consequences in the future?”

Then choose your “HARD”

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