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How I Quit Biting My Nails After 20 Years + Sales Procrastination

I used to be a nail-biter😔

I know – it’s disgusting habit that I tried quitting thousands of times for 20+ years😞

4 years ago I quit the habit completely😃

How did I do it?

I uncovered that I would subconsciously run my thumb over the fingernail.

If it felt rough, it would trigger me to want to bite it smooth.

I replaced the biting by having nail clippers on me at all times.

Once I felt the trigger, I would remove the source with nail clippers.

Within a month, I stopped biting my nails!

You might find this post gross, but we all have bad habits.

Habits like sales procrastination.

You know what I mean.

Procrastinating between dials.

Procrastinating between sales calls.

Procrastinating on social media instead of doing something income-producing.

Procrastinating by being BUSY with emails instead of being PRODUCTIVE.

This bad habit actually costs you 💰 AND your confidence.

BUT, you can break this bad habit too!

Here’s how:

1) Identify the trigger

2) Identify the bad action

3) Replace the action

4) Remove the trigger

If I can quit biting my nails after 20 years, you can quit bad sales habits too.

Do you agree?

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