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How I Started Selling Speedos

“So what’s up with you and selling Speedos?”

So here it is..

I grew up swimming competitively.

After high school ended, I had to pay for college on my own.

I vowed to take on ZERO debt and do it all via scholarships/cash.

My parents had sold the restaurant so I had no job.

I got a job at a new swim suit store selling speedos and accessories as a retail associate.

It was perfect: work between classes and it was a 10-min walk there.

On weekends with swim meets, my schedule looked like this:

Wake up at 3 AM and head to the store.

Load up a small truck full of speedos, gear, etc.

Drive 1-2 hours to a local swim meet.

Set up stands and tables.

Sell like crazy from 6 AM-6 PM.

Get home by 8 PM.

Repeat for Sunday.

I did this in addition to my other two part-time jobs as a swim coach and doing a food booth.

Put in between 40-60 hours per week while doing 18-21 credits per term.

So did I sell Speedos?

Heck yeah I did.

The end result?

Graduated with zero debt and invested every other extra dollar.

If you are truly committed to your goals, you’ll do whatever it takes to ethically achieve it.

So yes, I sold Speedos and dang proud of it.

Can you relate?



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