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How I Went From a Little Idea to Building a Thriving Business

I never wanted to be an entrepreneur.

I grew up watching my parents struggle for a decade..

Trying to make ends meet as small business owners.

My parents put in 80-100 hour/weeks.

My sister and I worked too when we didn’t have school.

They missed every single school event.

Missed every single swim meet and game.

I saw the impact when we had a tough month.

I saw the blood, sweat, tears, and sacrifice.

To me, entrepreneurship = PAIN.

And I wanted nothing to with that.

That’s why I went into Corporate America.

And stayed for 14 years until I made the leap.

It was scary to make that leap..

But sometimes you gotta give up the good for the great!

I shared how I started my business with Starter Story.

We break down how I went from a simple idea..

To building a thriving business in my first year.

Link here for the full breakdown!

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