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How Successful People Think About Personal Development

Successful people think about personal development..

VERY differently than average people.

Let me give you an example:

Years ago I paid $1000 for a 3-hour training on organization.

It was on being more productive with Outlook.

A teammate asked me weeks later how the training was.

I told him it was great and 100% worth it.

He asked me what I learned and if it was anything new.

I was direct.

I told him 99% of what was taught, I was already doing.

He looked shocked and said:

“That’s not worth $1000 for learning so little!”

I explained.

The 1% of learning had already increased my productivity.

I was more efficient in my week and that led to more sales.

In 2 weeks, I had already made an EXTRA..

$2500 in commission earning back my investment!

That didn’t even include the future weeks and years’ results.

This is the difference between the successful and average.

The successful do NOT care about HOW many things they learn.

If they can get ONE piece of knowledge..

One tweak.

One adjustment.

That can be implemented for BETTER results..

They know it was well worth it!

Do you agree?

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