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How to Become a Productivity Machine

A top rep and average rep have the same amount of hours in a day..

Yet the top rep does more and EARNS astronomically more.

Here’s why:

The top rep is simply better at PRIORITIZING their time.

Here’s a very simple method to explode your productivity:

1) At the end of the day, write out all the tasks for the next day.

2) Then apply the simple ABC technique to categorize each task:

✅ A – Absolute: these are the tasks that MUST be done.

These are usually Income-Producing Activities.

(They increase pipeline, move deals in the pipeline, or lead to $)

✅ B – Beneficial: these are tasks that are important..

But not as important as the A tasks.

Usually these are tasks that can lead to future results.

✅ C – Can Wait: These are tasks that simply can wait..

But are still good to do if you have time.

Then when tomorrow comes, you just go down the list.

Hit the A tasks first – these are the ABSOLUTE tasks.

They move the needle the most.

Then B tasks.

And then C tasks.

This simple method will help you stay focused on what matters.

Remember: you get what you focus on.

So focus on what you want.

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