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How to Become Machine-Like in Your Sales Process

“The data is bad” – every rep who looks in their CRM 😂

This is something I heard even when I started in sales in 2007.

Wrong DM, wrong number, wrong email, etc…

Most reps just complained about this.

Heck, I complained too…at first.

Then I realized this was a COMPETITIVE ADVANTAGE.

That a CRM is just a tool.

So I just OWNED IT.

My CRM = My Territory = My Business

I started updating and cleaning it up as I came across bad data.

Nothing happened at first that I tied directly to it..

But then within a few months, I started closing deals due to it.

A LOT of deals.

Prospects were used to a sales rep following up just a couple times and then disappearing..

The CRM kept me organized on follows ups so…


I became machine-like in follow up.

It allowed me to MAXIMIZE every opp possible.

And gave me a more predictable pipeline and deal cycle…

All because I CHOSE to WEAPONIZE my CRM.

Remember that a CRM is just a tool.

It can be something you just complain about…

Or you can use it to supercharge your income.

Do you agree?

PS This was inspired by the article here on “dirty data” in the CRM: https://salesforce.smh.re/7T6

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