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How to Book More Appointments Without Making More Calls

Wanna book more appointments on the phone?

Without just making more calls or working harder?

Here’s a simple way to do it:

Set yourself up for simple success with a little bit of prep.

Average reps pull a random list up and just start calling.

Top reps have a prepared focused approach.

They call in a specific order:

The HOTTEST leads first.

The ones CLOSEST to the 💰

This allows them to book early wins.

Then each win feeds the confidence for the next call.

Here’s an example order:

(Let’s also assume they are your target ICP)

1️⃣ Existing customers you can upsell into (if applicable)

2️⃣ Opportunities at the 1 yard line (set firm next steps)

3️⃣ Appointment no shows/cancels (they had recent interest)

4️⃣ Inbound requests (they have a clear need/interest)

5️⃣ Past inbound requests that you haven’t gotten ahold of

6️⃣ Leads you’ve been corresponding already but haven’t booked.

7️⃣ Other marketing leads that are qualified

8️⃣ Hyper targeted searches that fit your qualified ICP.

Obviously you may have to shift the order slightly or have some different ones dependent on your role/industry.

BUT the order is simple: HOTTEST to COLDEST.

Design yourself for success.

And then execute.

Hope this helps.

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