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How to Eliminate the “You’re Too Expensive” Objection

You had a great 1st meeting with a prospect.

Your next meeting is scheduled to present pricing.

You are excited for that meeting.

You show up for that meeting and present pricing.

The prospect suddenly seemed to have forgotten all the VALUE you presented last week..🤯

You hear the dreaded words…

“You’re too EXPENSIVE”

It’s an awful feeling🤮

Here’s how to minimize the risk of that happening..

Without needing to re-present everything.

Use the Law of Relativity to shift their perspective!

Before you present pricing, simply ask:

“Ms. Prospect, pricing aside, remind me again what you liked most about what I showed you last week?”

This shifts their focus from numbers to VALUE.

Then clarify and ask more questions about what they liked.

“Great, what else did you like? How will that help your business?”

Now they are properly framed up for value!

Now you present pricing for all the VALUE they just said.

You’ll see a higher close rate and margins as a result.

PLUS, your customer’s problem is now solved.

Tag a sales pro that needs to see this simple tip!

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