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How to Ensure You Have an Amazing Q4

Did you know there are about 81 selling days left in 2021?

That’s about 30% of the year left.

I even backed out the following:



And New Year’s.

You may think that’s a decent amount of time..

But let’s dig into the facts:

This does NOT include..

Any PTO you may have.

Any PTO YOUR prospects may have.

Any Sick Days you may have.

Any Sick Days YOUR prospects may have.

And if your Decision-Makers have employees that are out on PTO or sick..

Guess who’s probably picking up the slack and even shorter on time?

So the truth is that you have actually have a lot less time than you think…

So if you want to ensure you have a GREAT Nov, Dec, and Jan..

It starts with taking action now.

From generating more pipeline to moving deals forward.

This is how you play like a pro vs. an amateur.

When you can anticipate what’s to come..

You can take action proactively to increase your own win rates.

Do you agree?

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