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How to Get a 70% Callback on Sales Voicemails

I used to be skeptical about leaving voicemails.

Prospects NEVER seemed to call back.

Until I figured out a method that led to a 70%+ callback.

And booking almost 100% of the callbacks.

Here are 5 simple tips to help:

1. Keep it <15-20 seconds.

2. Be firm and direct. (Do NOT sound “salesy”)

3. Less is more.

4. Zero pitching.


Reps that know my method LOVE it and OWN VM’s with it.

I share exactly HOW it sounds and WHAT to say on Scott Ingram’s Sales Success Tips Podcast.

Skeptics will say it doesn’t work but they’ll never commit to it

If you want more callbacks, link here for it!

Commit it to a full month exactly how I teach it..

And I GUARANTEE you’ll get more callbacks than ever.

P.S. You have nothing to lose..and EVERYTHING to GAIN by committing for a month!

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