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How to Get Out of a “Sales Slump”

Ever been in a “sales slump”?

You know what I mean..

It seems like regardless of what you do..you’re not selling?

Your head can go down some dark places..

The truth is, it happens to everyone.

When you start to get in your head you lose..




This can compound as time goes by.

Here are a few ways to get out of a sales slump

1) Get proper sleep

2) Eat a clean diet and eat brain foods

3) Exercise daily

4) Remove all negative distractions including the media

5) Only consume content that feeds your mind/body/soul

6) Upgrade your circle of influence to winners only

7) Invest in your training and development

8) Audit your weekly routine and make sure 80%+ of your week are IPA’s only (Income Producing Activities)

The truth is: there’s no silver bullet.

However, when you do the above, you will:

āœ…Feel better

āœ…Be in control of what you can control

āœ…Improve your self-discipline

And it will lead to:





And there is no doubt that will lead to greater results.

Do you agree?

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