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How to Handle “I’ve Had The Same Vendor For XX Years”

“I’ve had the same vendor for XX years!”

Ever get that objection on the phones?

I share below how to handle that..

On our first episode of #Coffeeandquestions with Chan!

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  1. FIrst. Always love your content Marcus. This is a neat way to deliver insightful help/actionable insight in short videos clips… I may have to steal this..LOL… I will add that I always like to see if they can challenge the stautus quo.. ask them how thats working out?
    THe definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results. Do you want better results?
    How about plugging my solution in with your current and supercharge your results?
    PS, thought you spoke a bit fast in this video, not sure if you were trying to get it under a certain amount of time.. just some constructive feedback take for whatever its worth..
    You da man!!

    1. 6x6 Success says:

      @Marc – thanks my man! Yeah…I speak fast. It’s an ongoing life issue for me 😀

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