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How to Handle Rejection

Rejection hurts.

It doesn’t matter how long you’ve been in sales..

Nobody LOVES it.

After getting rejected, some lose motivation for the day..

Some lose motivation for the week or more.

And that can lead to impacting your future results.

The BEST way to approach rejection is to..

Change your perspective on the situation.

Sam is a good example.

Sam has his own recruiting agency.

He secures clients and gets paid on sourced candidates that get hired.

Sam had a candidate that was about to get placed.

The candidate decided to stay with his company at the last second leading to Sam not securing that placement.

At first, Sam felt beaten.

But then he asked himself how he could make the most of it.

This CHANGED his perspective.

He went from feeling beaten to positivity.

Then he took massive positive action.

The result?

Sam ended up secured a new client with the “lost” candidate’s company!

AND found another placement for his existing client!

By changing his perspective, his results changed.

So the next time you get rejected, remember that..

If you change the way you look at things..

The things you look at change!

Do you agree?

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