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How to Handle “Send Me a Proposal”

You just nailed the presentation.

All buying signs point to YES!

Then the prospect says “Send me a proposal!”

AVERAGE reps say “No problem, I’ll send it over”

Then they’ll send it over.

And follow up relentlessly.

But they prospect has “strangely” disappeared…

Multiply this by all the opportunities in the pipeline..

And the average rep ends up misses quota.

TOP reps don’t do that.

Instead they do this when the prospect asks for a proposal:

“I’ll put it together and then let’s meet Thursday at 8 AM to review together. If all sounds good, we’ll get you set up then. Sound good?”


“Give me 10 minutes. I’ll draw it up right now and then we’ll go over it. If all sounds good, we’ll get you set up today. Sound good?”

Here’s why this is better:

✅ Gives you clarity on EXACTLY where you stand after they review the proposal

✅ Gives you the opportunity to handle objections

✅ Clears up any potential misunderstanding

✅ Saves you time following up

✅ Separates out the buyers vs. window shoppers

Do this every time and you’ll see MORE closed deals.

And you’ll crush your quota like a top rep.

Tag a rep who needs to see this.

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