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How to Handle the “Send Me Some Info” Objection on Cold Calls

The cold call is going better than you expected..

You can feel the anticipation as you ask for the appointment..

Then they say “send me some information” 🤮

Here’s the reality:

If you accept that response and send them info..

They may or may not look at it.

If they look at it, chances are VERY SLIM they’ll respond back

You’ll end up trying to follow up with calls and emails..

Only to see an OK open rate..but no booked appointment.

Leading to you feeling frustrated.

Instead, when they drop that response on you..know this:

It’s just a smokescreen objection.

The truth is: you don’t even KNOW what to send them that may be relevant to their situation.

So respond back with this instead:

“I’d love to send you some info BUT I don’t have a clear understanding of your EXACT needs.

In order to provide you the most USEFUL information to help you achieve [common goals of ICP]..

Let’s set up a time so I get a clear understanding of that. I PROMISE NOT TO WASTE YOUR TIME!

How’s [date] at [time]?”

Tag a rep that gets this objection often to help them!

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