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How to NOT Send a Prospecting LinkedIn DM

There are a lot of BAD LinkedIn messages out there.

I get a lot that are cringe-worthy🤮

The sad part is that many don’t know any better..

So they keep doing it..

What many also don’t realize is how it comes off..

Here are the most commons first messages that do NOT work and how YOUR PROSPECTS are translating them:

🚫 “Hi, how are you?”=

“What is this person trying to pitch?” or..

“They will pitch Forex/Bitcoin after some fake small talk”🤮

🚫 Lengthy DM pitch and Calendly link=

“This is clearly a templated message and they know nothing about my business”🤮

🚫”Let’s jump on a call and get to know each other”=

“They think they are smooth and will try to turn this into a pitch”🤮

🚫”Let’s jump on a call to see if we can help each other”=

“They have no intention of helping me and will try to turn this into a pitch”🤮

If you are guilty of any of these..STOP.

Do this instead:

1. Drop a custom video DM introducing yourself, and offering something of VALUE completely free.

(30-45 seconds max)

2. Include a short text blurb summarizing the video.

Make it easy to read on mobile.

3. Hit send.

That’s it.

You’ll see a higher response and close rate.

Tag a #sales rep to help!

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