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How to Overcome Overwhelm

Ever get stressed and overwhelmed?

One of the best ways is to commit 100%

Go all in on a decision and not look back…

Here’s an example:

My little sister just graduated nursing school.

An exciting time and with changes ahead in the future.

She was trying to move to a new city.

Find a new apartment.

Find furniture for the apartment.

And get a new job.

Lots of big moves and decisions all at once.

Two months flew by and she still had not done these things yet..

I could sense her overwhelm.

I could tell she wanted these things to happen.

She had these goals but..

She hadn’t really committed.

She called me for help.

I told her to set firm deadlines and commit to it.

To keep it simple and have daily actions she could measure.

Ex: # of interviews, # of applications, # of apartments toured, etc.

She committed 100% and took massive action.

Within 1 week she found an apartment.

Within 1.5 weeks she moved in.

Within 2 weeks secured a job offer.

Often times overwhelm hits because we haven’t truly committed..

To the desired result or the actions required to get there.

So if you’re feeling that overwhelm, get clear on the desired result.

And commit 100%.

Regardless of the result, you’ll feel 100% better.

Do you agree?

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