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How to Predictably Earn Multiple 6-Figures in Sales

Want to predictably earn multiple 6-figures in B2B sales?

From someone who has literally worked with thousands of reps..

I’ve seen a thing or two that works..and doesn’t work.. 😂

Here’s what most mediocre reps do:

⛔️ Inconsistent prospecting leading to a rollercoaster of results

⛔️ Trying to “fake it until they make it”

⛔️ Depending on inbound leads or BDR’s only to prospect for them

⛔️ Blaming prospects, marketing, their company, etc. for poor results

⛔️ Selling to try to just “hit a number” or ONLY money-driven

⛔️ Ego in believing that they can’t get better and “this is just how it is”

Thus leading to their results and income hitting a plateau..

Here’s what I’ve experienced to be true for myself and those I’ve worked with:

✅ Daily hyper-targeted prospecting of the right-sized opps

✅ Being real and not trying to be someone else

✅ Bank 100% on their own prospecting efforts and knowing everything else is just gravy

✅ Taking 100% ownership in their beliefs, habits, and results

✅ Selling to SERVE the customers and not to just fill their own bank account

✅ Humble and constantly seeking to improve their skills

Thus leading to their income and results being consistently high.

Do you agree?

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  1. Truly inspiring!

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