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How to Presell Against Price Objections

Ever get hit with price objections at the close?

Have you tried leveraging a simple Contextual Comparison to stack value before presenting the price?

Here’s what I mean:

BEFORE you present pricing, ENSURE the prospect understands what it TRULY costs them IF they do not have your solution.

This includes direct AND INDIRECT costs.

It may seem obvious BUT this helps you frame more context, which ultimately ​drives the value of what you have to offer up.

Lemme give you a simple example:

Let’s assume you sell a HR software that automates a lot of tracking that many SMB’s are doing manually using Excel or Google Sheets.​

Google Sheets is free.

Let’s say your software has a $1500 set up fee and is $500/month.

If you compare your price vs. the free price of Google Sheets…

You’re gonna lose.. ​😂

So before you go into your price, we must tie in the other costs..

“Ok, Ms. Prospect, let me make sure I’m on the same page as you, alright?

So you currently have your admin manually track using hours using Google Sheets, which takes about 10 hours/week to ensure its inputted properly.

10 Hours/Week X $15/Hour = $150/Week

$150/Week X 52 Weeks = $7800/Year ​

So it costs you currently $7800/year just to keep doing what you are doing, is that right?

AND that does not include the 10% error rates that’s already occurring like you told me, right?

Or when they are out sick so YOU will have to do it.

Which means that will ultimately drive your cost up cause I’m sure your hourly rate is a LOT higher too..​​

AND that’s 520 hours in the year your admin could be doing something else that would actually HELP you generate revenue instead of COSTING you..​

With our XYZ HR Software, it leads the industry being 99.99% accurate, is 100% automated, never gets sick, removes all manual work, and NOW your admin gets back 520 hours to help you generate more money..

With our platinum white glove program, with all set up fees included, it’s just $625/month”​

So you can see by giving some simple context, this helps them TRULY understand the value.

Remember that price means NOTHING without context.

Do you agree?

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