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How to Truly Level Up

It was December 2016.

I woke up and asked myself, “Can I really do this?”

Doubt filled my head.

I had been promoted to a director overseeing a sales org of 80+ employees 6 months prior.

I had beaten everyone else out.

People with way more experience and a longer track record than my <5 years with the $7B+ org.

And now I was struggling.

I felt like an imposter as there was a huge learning curve for me.

The biggest team I had led before was 20+ but they were not remote.

So I did what I had been used to when it was a learning curve:

I worked my a$$ off.

Traveled every single week for 26 weeks straight .

80+ hours week.

BUT my market’s results were average at best.

I was stressed out as I worried about getting fired as everything I had normally done in the past was not working.

To add to my stress, my wife was 9 months pregnant so the worry about supporting our future son weighed on me.

I literally had no idea what to do…

That’s when I realized my past skills and mindset had gotten me here.

BUT it wasn’t enough to KEEP me here or to get me to the next level.

It wasn’t enough to deal with the NEW challenges at this level.

So I slowed down.

I put my ego aside.

I went and got multiple mentors.

I invested into developing new skills and perspective.

And then took massive action.

Results started to improve.

I wrapped the fiscal year up hitting President’s Club.

Sent a dozen reps in my market to President’s Club too.

The following year?

I kept the same developmental cadence.

The company went through a major acquisition.

Lots of changes and tons of challenges that came with the growth.

I kept going.

Fortunately, hit President’s Club that year too.

Sent 2 dozen reps to President’s Club.

Year 3?

Even more challenges.

Fortunately, hit the trifecta for President’s Club as a Director.

The moral of the story is simple:

At every new level, there is a new devil 😈

So to achieve more, we must BECOME more.

Do you agree?

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