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How to Use Pattern Interrupts to Book Appointments

Pattern interrupts are powerful.

It’s one of the best tools of sales professionals.

When done properly, it can help you secure killer meetings!

Here’s a simple one that’s highly effective.

It’s silly.


Here’s what you do:

Go to a discount clothing store.

Buy a few pairs of shoes.

Package up one shoe in a parcel envelope.

Include a handwritten note (or typed if you write illegibly)

It’s a short note that introduces you and that you want to..


Deliver/send it.

Wait a day.

Then call them and book the appointment.

Here’s why it works:


This cuts through the noise faster than an email or cold call.

You stand out.

It’s goofy as hell.

And if they haven’t opened it yet before your call?

No problem.

Because it’s an odd shaped package, it’s always at the top of any stack of packages in their office.

They’ll grab it first before any other package.

It’s all strategic.

Haters will say it doesn’t work.

It does.

I did this and variations of it every single week.

Booked 2-3 five-figure commission appts EVERY WEEK.

Break the pattern.

Get the attention.

Explode your funnel.

You down to try?

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