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How to Utilize an Undergrad or Masters Degree

When the recession hit in 2008-2009, many people lost their jobs😞

As a result, some pursued their undergrad and some pursued their masters🎓

I fortunately did not lose my job but I decided to get my MBA.

I worked 60+ hours/week and did 60+ hours/week of coursework to get my full-time MBA at the same time.

I applied what I learned to work and took what I learned at work and applied it to school.

It was incredibly hard and I sacrificed any free time available.

I graduated in 2011 and got an even better job making +56% more that next year.

I connected with students in my class a year later and they were shocked..

Almost all of them were still in the same job or had a new job doing virtually the same thing.

They asked me how I did it.

I told them it was no secret but many people look at degrees incorrectly.

Many go to school HOPING that a degree would open up job opportunities.

I went to school and APPLIED what I learned to develop SKILLS.

SKILLS allowed me to get RESULTS.

Results allowed me to FIND and EARN a better position.

For those who are thinking about going back to school, I do encourage it as long as you understand this:

Degrees and knowledge do NOT make you HIREABLE.


Do you agree?

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