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How You Need to View Learning and Development

Everyone obsesses about learning and development.

From investing $10/month to $30K+/year…

You should stop investing unless you follow this simple rule:

Only consume what you will learn and APPLY.

All the knowledge in the world means NOTHING without application.

Chris is a great example of one who applies.

He joined my program recently, 6-Figure Sales Academy.

(A beta program that’s getting refined for B2B sales pros)

He consumed the step-by-step training.

He applied it immediately.

Within 2 WEEKS, he prospected + closed his biggest deal.

Despite everything that is going on in the world.

A 500% ROI within two weeks.

He didn’t stop there.

He continued to apply and improve his process.

He’s closing in on two other deals that are even BIGGER.

Chris is still consuming the training and executing.

There is no doubt Chris’ future looks incredibly bright.

Those who apply knowledge today are the ones who create a better future tomorrow.

Be like Chris.

Obsess about APPLIED knowledge.

Do you agree?

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