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I Never Wanted to Be in Sales

I never wanted to be in sales.

When I started in sales..

I was embarrassed to tell people what I did.

I remember starting my first sales job after college..

I’d see my relatives at gatherings.

They’d proudly tell me that their kid was an..

Engineer, surgeon, lawyer, dentist, etc.

Then they’d ask me what I did.

I’d says “I’m in sales.”

They’d look at me with pity in their eyes and say..

“So..what do you what do you REALLY want to do?”

I hated it.

However, I realized later that the reason I hated it..

Was because I lacked perspective.

Once I learned how to sell..

I realized it helped me in so many ways!

It helped me learn how to effectively…

✅ Communicate

✅ Influence

✅ Stay disciplined

✅ Stay organized

✅ Do uncomfortable things

✅ Have difficult conversations

✅ And so much more!

Simply put – sales made me a better human being.

Now I proudly say I’m in sales!

What about you?

P.S. And making exponentially more 💰 than surgeons, engineers, and lawyers without the debt is a cool side benefit too 😃

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