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Imposter Syndrome

I felt like an imposter.

I had just been promoted to be a market manager.

Most people had been with the company for 3+ years before even INTERVIEWING for this role.

The award-winning candidates I interviewed against had 5+ years with the company.

I somehow got myself promoted to the role in <1 year with this new company.

Everyone questioned how I was the new manager as no one knew who I was..

I wasn’t even sure how I got the role.

I looked back at all my past successes with prior companies and wondered to myself, “What if it was all fluke and I got lucky? Can I really do this with this new company?”

It didn’t help that my new team had the worst results in the region.

I felt like an imposter.

I didn’t feel READY.

Fortunately, I realized we could only go up from here.

So I started to act AS IF.

AS IF I knew what I was doing.

AS IF we had the best team.

AS IF we were the best trained.

AS IF we had the best results.

The funny thing is..we started getting better!

Eventually we started winning President’s Clubs, team awards, and all that cool jazz.

People wanted to know what we did.

We didn’t fake it until we made it.

We faked it until WE BECAME IT.

Sometimes you must step into a role before you’re ready to truly grow.

Do you agree?

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