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Interested vs. Committed

Many salespeople have goals..

Very few actually achieve them😞

One of the biggest reasons is because some are only..

INTERESTED in achieving them.

While those who achieve them are actually COMMITTED.

There is a BIG difference between being..


When someone is INTERESTED..

They only take action when they FEEL like it..

(Which is usually RARE when you feel like it 🤣)

When they are COMMITTED..

They take action REGARDLESS of how they FEEL.

Trent, one of our students, is COMMITTED.

Prior to us, he was struggling with hitting quota each month.

He was second-guessing himself..

And losing confidence quickly..

Trent decided to COMMIT to his 2020 goals.

We started working with him at the end of June..

The results so far??

🔥July: 102% Quota Attainment

🔥August: 238% Quota Attainment AND # 1 on his team

🔥Obviously he’s making more AND his confidence is up 😃

Trent is reviewing his numbers consistently.

Executing on the program.

Putting the work in.

But most importantly he is..


So if you are struggling to hit your goals..

You gotta ask yourself:

Are you INTERESTED or are you COMMITTED?

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