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The iPhone Test for Sales

Does your sales process pass “The iPhone Test”?

Here’s what I mean:

The iPhone is one of the most popular phones every year.

Customers are willing to camp out for each year’s launch!

Here’s what’s fascinating:

When you look at the competition..

A majority of the competition offers devices that are actually BETTER than the iPhone!

✅ Faster processors

✅ Better screens

✅ Bigger batteries

✅ More features and specifications

On paper, other phones RUN CIRCLES around the iPhone!

HOWEVER, every year iPhone sales break RECORDS!



They don’t sell on features and benefits.

They sell on the FUTURE STATE and FEELINGS that come with owning a new iPhone.

The feelings of…

✅ Simplicity

✅ Sophistication

✅ Luxury

✅ Being part of a special group

They sell how much better your LIFE will be with their offer!

They sell an EXPERIENCE.

As a result, they sell iPhones like crazy every year!

So if you’re not closing, there’s a great chance your sales process doesn’t pass “The iPhone Test.”

So stop selling on features and benefits.

Start focusing on how your solution helps your potential customers achieve the FUTURE STATE AND FEELINGS they desire.

Sell how their life will improve as a result!

Do that and your sales will go up too!

Do you agree?



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