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It Starts and Ends With the Leader

In April 2012, I took over as the sales manager of a team that hadn’t won in years.

They didn’t believe it was possible to achieve President’s Club.

Wasn’t possible to make six-figures.

And worst of all, they thought the ONLY way possible was through being sleazy or unethical.

The culture was toxic and it was a challenging time.

So I focused on the vision.

Provide training, tools, resources, etc.

Hired new talent.

Eliminated all excuses.

And I was absolutely relentless about it.

Fast forward a couple years later, we were stacking up PC’s, team awards, and the reps were making great money.


Every year.

The culture THRIVED.

What was the difference?

The team now BELIEVED it was possible.

But none of that is possible if the leader doesn’t believe it first.

It starts and ends with the leader.

Do you agree?

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