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KPI’s vs. Results

I was having a difficult conversation with a rep about their performance.

They were upset-understandably.

“Chan, but look at my KPI’s – see how many dials and appointments I’m going on? It’s WAY more than Rep X’s!”-Rep

I let him continue.

“I have the best results from a KPI perspective”-Rep

After he gets done, I speak.

“I understand that you feel frustrated. Listen, there’s no PIP. We’re just talking here and I want to help you. Answer this: do you have all the tools and training from me to be successful?”-Me

He nods.

“Do you get paid for KPI’s or results?”-Me


“What can I do to best support you?”-Me

“I guess..nothing. I gotta work harder..”-Rep

“I know you are working hard as the KPI’s show it. But remember this: KPI’s don’t pay for your goals, results do”-Me

He looks at me so I continue.

“Don’t mistake activity with achievement. If you want to achieve your goals, focus on the things that deliver value. Your value in the marketplace shows up in the form of your commission. The greater the value, the greater the check. Make sense?”-Me

I see a light go off in his head.

He never missed his number again.

You get what you focus on so focus on what you want.

Do you agree?

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