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the ultimate closer training program 2.0 includes:

1) My AWESOME training guide, “7 Closing Techniques You Can Use to Explode Your Sales Today (Without much practice or anxiety!)”

2) My kick-butt Video Masterclass #1, in which we go in depth on HOW and WHY each closing technique is so effective!

3) My KILLER Video Masterclass #2: 6 Strategies to Create a POWERFUL First Impression Within 30 Seconds (And ultimately double your closing ratio immediately)!

3) BONUS Training Worksheet to accelerate your learning!

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Who am i?

I was born in the Pacific Northwest to two Chinese immigrant parents that came to America with dreams of building a future. Given the poor background I grew up in with my two sisters, we grew up in a scarce environment – EVERYONE pitched in to survive.

With no financial help from my parents, I put himself through college and eventually went to work for two international Fortune 500 companies over the next decade.



In my 14 years of working in Corporate America, I broke many sales records, won awards trips and trophies, hired/trained/coached/mentored hundreds of people, promoted to a Regional Director of Sales over 11 teams of 110+ employees for a $6.8B Fortune 500 organization, and was consistently recognized nationally as one of the top leaders in the organization every single year! As a result of my fortunate business success fueled by a little luck, a LOT of hustle, and PLENTY of mistakes, here are a few other notable accomplishments:

📈Promoted 10x in 10 years with two Fortune 500 organizations that are #1 in their respective industries!
📈Ranked in the top percentile in every role I’ve has been in!
📈Hired, trained, and developed teams that have sold $700M+ over the last 10 years!
📈Performed at level of creating double-digit YOY sales growth in every single year!
📈Sent 50+ employees to President’s Club/Diamond Level (Top 15%+ Rankings)
📈Promoted 30+ employees to leadership roles (Sales Manager, GM, Director, Senior Sales Roles)

I eventually left the corporate world due to I’m passion of wanting to do something greater to give back to the world. That includes creating awesome free training programs like The Ultimate Closer Training Program 2.0! Access it below for free now:

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some shameless love… 🙂

Marcus was one of the best leaders I’ve ever had in my Sales career. As a mentor and leader he provided excellent support, vision and genuinely cared about my success as an individual. I’m honored to have come across his paths with Marcus in my life. – Cameron P, Sales Captain (Apparel)

“Marcus Chan is one of the most professional partners I have worked with in my 30+ years in business. He is a man of integrity and kindness. Marcus was able to teach an “old dog” new tricks without changing my personality and tried and true sales skills. I appreciated every day working with Marcus and how he pushed me to be the best me I can be. Thank you Marcus for being you!!!” – Lisa C, Sales Consultant (Facilities)

“Marcus is a dynamics sales leader who leads from the front! He has the unique ability to challenge you and support you at the same time. The sales skills I learned under Marcus proved invaluable as I continue my sales career and continue to be successful!”  – Luke M, Regional Sales Director (Food Service)

“I was an average rep and finished mid pack. After weekly mentor calls with Marcus my numbers began to rise. He would walk me through the sales process and tweak little things week by week, giving me one thing to focus on. The compound effect.  Marcus helped me work on my professionalism, helped me feel confident selling to C level executives, perfect the target sales process, and overall made me a happier, more efficient, person. I finished at the company as a top producer. I could not thank Marcus enough. He changed my life.” – Cameron C, Client Relationship Manager (Packaging Sales)

“Marcus was relentless in helping me develop a thorough world class knowledge of the sales process from cold calling to executing on closing business. Not only this, but Marcus is an astounding motivator; always remaining positive, with a genuine energy and passion for what he does. I wouldn’t trade the time I had working for him for anything and can truly say he has been one of key reasons for my success.– Nick G, Territory Manager (Med Device Sales)

Marcus is an amazing leader and an absolute professional. His level of executive acumen is incredibly impressive. What’s unique about Marcus is his ability to connect with his customers. He truly acts as a consultant by selling solutions that meet the needs of his clients.” – Eric S, VP of Sales (Transportation Services)

Marcus is a truly rare breed in that he practices exactly what he preaches, which lends credibility into everything he says. He is a valuable friend and mentor who taught me the value of discipline – both in and out of the workplace. Whether it was advice on preparing for a sales call, ways to save money or tips on healthier eating, Marcus was easily accessible and always eager to help. I never doubted for a second that he truly cared about my growth as a person as well as a sales rep. I’ll always be grateful for the time and effort he put into helping me succeed.”  – Austin B, Account Executive (Sporting Goods)

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what do I receive specifically with this training?

1) My training guide, “7 Closing Techniques You Can Use To Explode Your Sales Today (Without much practice or anxiety!)” You’ll learn 7 different field-tested and PROVEN techniques to close deals that actually work in the real world! 

2) Masterclass Video Training #1: You’ll receive in-depth training on each technique to help you close more deals IMMEDIATELY! Here’s just a sampling of what you get:

    • A robust and in depth Masterclass video training!
    • You’ll learn the following closing techniques:
        1. The “Puppy Dog” Close
        2. The “Now or Never” Close
        3. The “Assumptive” Close
        4. The “Benjamin Franklin” Close
        5. The “Summary” Close
        6. The “Doorknob” Close
        7. The “Conditioning” Close
    • We’ll explain WHY it works in REAL LIFE and the psychology behind each one!
    • We’ll teach HOW to do it so you can actually hear the tonality and flow for the close!
    • After the Masterclass, you’ll have the tools and knowledge to do it IMMEDIATELY!
    • Once you execute on these techniques consistently, you will have closed more deals than you have done before and you’ll have had the chance to practice them all! AND any deal you don’t close, you’ll have massive clarity in where you stand!

3) Masterclass Video Training #2: 

  • I breakdown 6 key strategies to make an IMPACTFUL first impression!
  • I go into detail the specific things that you may not even realize is COSTING you deals!
  • Immediately after you’ll be able to implement these to build trust like a WIZARD with new prospects within 30 seconds!
  • You’ll also learn the 5 things you need for EVERY sales to occur and how our 6 strategies take care of 2 of the BIG ONES!

4) BONUS Training Worksheet: I’m even going to throw in a killer worksheet you can use to take notes on through the Masterclasses AND track your progress!!

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Gimme the FREE Ultimate Closer Training Program 2.0!

what do you mean by “plug and play”?

If you are a sales leader or business owner that wants a KILLER training for their sales team or business, this provides you everything you need to run multiple IMPACTFUL training meetings that will deliver results! All you need to do is sign up and you’ll get it all for free! Literally, ready to use and learn immediately!

If you are a sales professional, you can play the training immediately and self-educate with ME as your personal sales coach to help you crush it IMMEDIATELY!

what’s your experience in sales?

I’ve been in outside sales and training sales professionals for over a decade now in Fortune 500 companies. I’ve made the closing mistakes that have cost me tons. You get to benefit from my learnings and discover the techniques that actually WORK that has resulted in my teams closing $700M+ all for…FREE! YES, you get the Training Guide, Masterclass, and a Bonus Training Worksheet ALL FOR FREE!


No way! All free and just need your commitment to do your best!

What if I don’t have any sales experience?

Completely fine as this is designed to TEACH and TRAIN you!

What if I have a ton of sales experience – will this be of value?

Depends if you are coachable – if you are open to seeing different perspectives, I KNOW you’ll still learn something from these trainings that will help you!

what if i don’t like your training?

Well, I’d be SHOCKED first off 😉 However, you have nothing to lose as you are getting this $499 program for FREE!

What should i expect out of this training program?

Simple: 1) LEARN, 2) GAIN SKILLS, 3) CLOSE DEALS, and 4) HAVE FUN! 🙂

Yes, Gimme the FREE Ultimate Closer Training Program 2.0 Now!