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Leadership is a Transfer of Belief

“These leads are bad-that’s why I wasn’t able to book any appointments”-my rep.

“Pull up your list – let’s dial together”-Me

“Well..I’ve already called all of these. They’re no good”-my rep said looking skeptical.

“It’s ok-let’s me try”-Me

I dial the first one.

*Disconnected phone number*

My rep smirks.

I dial the next one.

I leave a voicemail.

I make 6 more dials and leave 6 more voicemails.

I booked the 7th one.

My rep looks at me in disbelief.

I keep going.

After a bit, I stop and check my tracker.

16 dials made-1 bad number, 11 voicemails left, 3 appointments booked, and 1 hang up.

I look at my rep “Your turn but I’ll guide you”

He starts dialing.

I coach, guide, and tweak.

He makes 15 dials-2 bad numbers, 11 voicemails, and 2 booked!

He’s fired up because he’s never booked 2 appointments in under an hour especially from a “bad list”!

My cell rings.

It’s one of the prospects calling back due to my VM.

I book that for him too.

In under 2 hours, we booked 6 appointments.

The BEST result though?

My rep now BELIEVED in himself.

Leadership is a TRANSFER of BELIEF.

One of the fastest ways to transfer belief is leading by example.

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