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Lessons From My Father

My dad was put in a Chinese Communist camp as a teen.

It was a “re-education” camp for nationals.

Unimaginable conditions.

He eventually escaped.

7 days in the mountains and forests.

Evading capture and the punishments that came with it.

He lost friends and family that died trying to escape.

He eventually made it to America.

He had nothing here but a willingness to live.

And to never give up.

To never let your circumstances determine your future.

My dad gave me this gift of these values and perspective.

I am forever grateful for them.

I share some of these values on Malvina’s #STAYHUMAN Sales Skills podcast.

We discuss:

✅ My childhood growing up in fear.

✅ How these values helped me in my career

✅ And more.

Link here for the full interview!

P.S. What are some powerful values your parents taught you growing up?

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