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LinkedIn’s Top 10 Sales Voices in the World 2020

I left my big Fortune 500 sales director role a year ago..

In pursuit of chasing a greater vision.

Many questioned my decision..

Heck, I questioned my own decision at times as…

The last year has been a rollercoaster

Some ups.





But through it all, I kept going.

Kept taking massive action daily.

I’m super fortunate to announce in my first year..

Despite all the lows I’ve hit in the past year..

I’ve had some nice highs such as getting recognized in:

– Yahoo! Finance

– MarketWatch

– And now on..

LinkedIn’s Top 10 Sales Voices in the world

[Top 10 for sales out of 300,000,000+ active users ]

It’s a great reminder for those who are hitting lows..

It’s amazing what you can achieve..

If you refuse to give up

P.S. Link here for the full worldwide list of the LinkedIn Top Sales Voice 2020! 

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