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Featured on MarketWatch: Reinventing the Law of Sales

I’m coming up on almost one year in business.

It has been an interesting first year to say the least.

Starting a new business right before the world exploded..

Learning the in’s and out’s of entrepreneurship..

Lots of late nights..


Lots of trial and error..

Mostly errors 🤣

It’s been challenging..

But worthwhile.

In a world filled with bad news..

Here’s some good news I’m grateful to share:

Some of my content has been featured in national publications such as Marketwatch, US Financial News Today, Digital Journal, and some NBC/Fox affiliates!

Not all news is bad, right? 😃

To all those out there chasing your dreams:

Keep the vision clear..

Stay focused on your goals..

Learn from your mistakes..

And don’t stop hustling.

P.S. If you get bored, feel free to check out the Marketwatch article here! 😁


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