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12 Simple Mistakes to Avoid on Sales calls

Sales is hard.

If it was easy, then everyone would do it 😃

What makes sales hard are the little mistakes you can make..

Little mistakes that can cause you to lose the opportunity.

Here are 12 simple mistakes to avoid on sales calls:

1. Using “I” or “we” too much

2. Not asking enough questions

3. Pitching/presenting too much

4. Not listening to understand

5. Not recapping what you’ve heard so far

6. Not asking follow up questions

7. Not taking detailed notes

8. Not asking relevant questions

9. Not uncovering enough pain to make a change

10. Not enlightening the prospect on a new path

11. Not qualifying the prospect

12. Not qualifying the prospect’s decision-making process

Here’s the simple theme:

Stop focusing on..


Start focusing on..


When your process is buyer-centric..

Your sales will automatically go up!

Do you agree?

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