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My 10-Question Framework for Breakthrough Results

We are 2.5 months away from 2022 🤯

How is it wrapping up?

Feeling good?

Feeling bad?

Feeling stuck?

It’s ok if you’re feeling bad or feeling stuck!

I remember over a year ago, I hit a plateau with my business and I felt like I was just running in place.

Then I applied my simple 10-question framework and it helped me break-free of my mental limits.

This then gave me the path to drive towards my goals.

So if you’re feeling stuck or plateaued out with your results, here are the 10 questions to help you break free and an example with it:

1️⃣ What exactly is my desired result?

Ex: Earn $25K in commission alone each quarter

2️⃣ Where exactly do I stand?

Ex: Averaging $12K in commission each quarter

3️⃣ What do I need to accomplish my desired result? (Skills, mindset, knowledge, etc.)

Ex: I need to increase my closing ratio from 20% to 30%

4️⃣ Am I willing to take 100% accountability in achieving this and put any ego aside?

Ex: Absolutely.

5️⃣ Am I willing to do whatever it takes to get there?

Ex: 100%

6️⃣ What am I willing to sacrifice to get there?

Ex: I will pour blood, sweat, and tears to get there.

7️⃣ Who do I need to do this for?

Ex: This is for my family.

8️⃣ What would happen if I did NOT commit to this?

Ex: I won’t be able to provide for my kids the way my parents did for me.

9️⃣ Where can I acquire the knowledge, skills, habits, etc.?

Ex: Hire a sales coach 😉

🔟 What exactly am I going to do next?

Ex: Reach out to Marcus 😀

Obviously, I’m being facetious with my example 🙂 buuuuuut…the framework is very powerful.

It forces you to get clear on where you’re at, helps remove all excuses, and helps you get get clear on next steps.

So if you’re feeling stuck in anything in life, run this process as I know it’ll help!

Remember that PROGRESS is a choice…

And so is being STUCK.

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